The Depths

We are not the first ones to have lived here. Scattered across the world are the great works of a prior civilization, one that has been dead longer than recorded time. To the new world, their advancements. The Ancients seem to have ruined this world: a weather phenomena called the Storm blankets the entirety of the lower elevations in a swirling blanket of tornadoes and maelstroms; to make matters worse, people born outside it have birth defects, and others are wholly changed when below it.

Most people live in the uppermost elevations because they know the Depths are filled with danger. The land just beneath 10,000 feet above sea level, an area called the Edge, is bathed in perpetual darkness. From below the Edge, the sun shines, but against a darkened sky that is lit only by a wavering sphere of murky light. Creatures there rapidly mutate, or “evolve,” as some would call it, and the things encountered there are far too advanced for the new people to call anything but monsters.

Many believe that the ancient relics are sinister, possessed by the darkness which created the world below. The Storm is believed to be punishment for the past mistakes of the Ancients. Others sense great magical power, and brave the horrific creatures there in pursuit of a better future: brave warriors, feared witches and warlocks, and cunning switches.

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Under the Veil